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WO Fair week


Every Monday night

Join the Tap Whisky Appreciation & Tasting Society as we sample a new malt every week.



Quiz Night

From 8pm every Thursday

Sharpen your pencil, whet your whistle and join the Ferry Tap’s weekly celebration of all that is cerebral. Prizes include a meal for two, packets of sweets and whatever Linda rustles up from behind the bar!


Live Music

Varies – often Fri/Sat nights

Scottish pubs have an extraordinarily strong musical tradition, and the Tap is no different – from folk to rock and pop, we regularly feature local musicians

Annual Events

The Burry Man

2nd Friday in August

This year The Burry Man is due to visit the Ferry Tap at 17.40pm on Friday 11th August

One of those quirky local traditions that nobody can quite remember the origins of, the Burry Man (or Burryman) is an annual fixture for South Queensferry dating back at least 330 years, and probably farther. A local man is covered head-to-ankles in burrs (the sticky balls some plants use to spread seeds), and with the aid of two assistants is paraded through the town, visiting local landmarks (including pubs!) and being rewarded with a whisky at each. It’s a physically demanding challenge for the Burry Man, but brings good luck to South Queensferry for the coming year.

The Ferry Fair

2nd week in August

Dating back to the 14th Century, the Ferry Fair has been held every year, omitting only a few in the 1940s due to WWII. Formalised as a trade fair by Royal command in 1687, all local dignitaries were compelled to attend on pain of a £14 fine…or just £7 if they simply forgot to wear their sword.

These days the fair retains most of the original traditions. The town is spruced up and decked in bunting and flowers, parades run through the High Street, fundraising raffles and fashion shows are held, there are fiercely fought local competitions, and a Ferry Fair Queen, Herald and associated court are selected from the primary school.

For all the information about this year’s Fair, and some fascinating history, please see the Ferry Fair website.

The Loony Dook

1st January

If you’re the kind of person who’s spent any length of time in pubs you’ll be familiar with the kind of conversations that go on. It usually starts with “Hey, Jim, you know what would be fun?”, and ends with people semi-naked, soaking wet, freezing cold and wondering just why they had that “one last pint”. As far as we can tell this is pretty much what happened in the Moorings Lounge, just down the road, back in Hogmanay 1987.

Loony Dook, Hogmanay

Now, 25 years later, the Loony Dook attracts more than a thousand participants each year, all of whom blow away the New Year cobwebs (and frequently a self administered hangover) by taking a dip in the Forth. Fancy dress is usually the order of the day, although not compulsory – the only real rule is no wetsuits. It’s all in a good cause of course, with the best part of a hundred thousand pounds being raised for charity over the years.

Visit the Official Loony Dook website!
(And many thanks to the Loony Dook High Council for allowing us to use their pictures!)