Traditionally an ale-house for the Forth’s ferrymen, the Ferry Tap now welcomes a diverse crowd, from locals (including ferrymen!) to throngs of tourists seeking a unique view of the bridge and visitors to our unique annual festivals, including the Ferry Fair, Burry Man and the infamous Loony Dook, a Hogmanay (New Year’s) dip in the chilly North Sea!


The Ferry Tap - Popular pub in South QueensferryThe Ferry Tap is a traditional Scottish pub in South Queensferry, a picturesque village nestled near the imposing architecture of one of the most famous bridges in the world. The town’s name refers to a trip taken by Queen Margaret of Scotland (now also known as Saint Margaret of Scotland) in 1093 AD, and the area has been a traditional crossing point for centuries – even the construction of another two Forth Bridges hasn’t stopped the ferrymen plying a trade, with tourist trips to the Forth islands and wildlife spotting trips – porpoises, seals and even orcas can be seen in the firth.

Cask Marque - This Pub Sells Quality Cask AlesFine ale has always been a centerpoint of Scottish pubs, and we pride ourselves on a constantly changing selection from breweries all over Scotland – our status as a free house with no brewery tie means that we can hunt around for the finest seasonal ales on offer. The nation’s other favourite tipple is also well represented, we have a selection of (at the last count) 52 single malt whiskys, the largest selection you’ll find in the area. Our regulars have instituted the Tap Whisky Appreciation & Tasting Society, an informal whisky sampling club, and there’s always at least one of the TWATS on hand to talk you through our offerings!

And with regular events, from curry nights to our pub quiz and the ever popular rugby, football and golf shown on a big screen, there’s always something going on.